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Welcome to the City of Sarasota's Online Records Portal

The Online Records Portal contains Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Contracts and Agreements, Election information, Ordinances, Resolutions, Land Development Applications and other City records.

If you cannot find what you are looking for using this portal and would like to submit a public records request, please click here: Public Records Request. 

If you wish to review the agendas, minutes, transcripts, and video from the City Commission or Advisory Board meetings, please follow this link: Meetings/Agendas/Videos

Instructions for conducting a proper search below:

(Video Tutorial)

  • For all date fields, the proper search format is mm/dd/yyyy
  • Place *Asterisks* around a search term to find that term where it is part of the data field (e.g. *boating* or *Orange Avenue* or *enforcement*)
  • A "Full-Text" search locates a specified search term in the body of the record
  • A "Keyword" search locates specified data in the keyword fields associated with the document type
  • Narrow your search as much as possible by choosing the correct record category (advisory board agendas, contracts and agreements, ordinances, etc...)

In order to view PDF files, you need a PDF document viewer. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader please follow this link: Get Adobe